Oxyject 20%® LA

Oxytetracycline 20% LA

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  • 50 & 100 ml vials

Product properties


Each ml contains 200 mg Oxytetracycline (as dihydrate).

Mechanism of Action:

Oxytetracycline by inhibiting attachment of aminoacyl transfer RNA (aa-RNA) to ribosome (30s unit) inhibits protein synthesis in growing bacteria and on the other hand makes reduction of conversion of glutamate to cellular protein that resulted in preventing bacterial growth. It seems that Oxytetracycline also affects ribosomal 50s unit and changes permeability in susceptible bacteria. If it is injected through intramuscular route, its blood level remains for 4 days in detectable amounts. Maximum blood concentration is acquired 30 minutes to 12 hours after intramuscular injection. It is mentionable that Oxytetracycline LA is absorbed and diffused slower than other injectable Oxytetracyclines in intramuscular route.

Indications of use

Oxytetracycline LA is the first choice for treatment of systemic or local infections in cattle, sheep and goats as follows:

– Infectious pneumonia caused by stress and shipping fever.

– Infectious gastroenteritis

– Metritis Syndrome

– Theileriosis, leptospirosis, Actinobacillosis and black leg

– Controlling postoperative and postpartum infections.

– Infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis, foot rot in cattle and sheep

– Epidemic or seasonal abortion in ewes caused by viral and microbial agents

Dosage and route of administration

This drug is used through intramuscular and intravascular route. For long acting effect, injecting deeply through intramuscular route is advised. Recommended dose for long acting effect in cattle and sheep is 20 mg/kg  in one shot. (equivalent 1 ml per each 10 kg body weight). It is advised that do not inject in cattle more than 10 ml and in sheep more than 5 ml in one site. In young lamb, for controlling fever and preventing infections caused by ticks bite, 2 ml injection for each lamb is sufficient. Amount of intravascular injection is 10 mg/kg.

Intravascular injection is only recommended for cattle and with low volume.

Withdrawal Time

Cattle: Milk: 7 days   Meat: 21 days

Sheep: 21 days

Do not use in sheep that their milk is used for human consumption.


Do not use in dog, cat and horse. Prescribe in pregnancy period cautiously because it prevents skeletal growth and causes formation of yellow and colorless teeth even at late pregnancy. Injecting long act Oxytetracycline in advised dose is well tolerated by animals and also transient reactions is rarely observed in injection site.

Storage conditions

Keep below 30°C and away from direct light