Closantel + Mebendazole

  • - animals:
  • - Packaging:
  • 1 liter gallon

Product properties


Each ml contains:
Closantel 50 mg
Mebendazole 75 mg

Indications of use

For prevention and treatment of  helminthic infestations due to nematodes in gastrointestinal tract as well as hepatic fasciolasis due to Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantica in sheep and lambs.

Dosage and route of administration

After thorough shaking the bottle apply to animals by drenching gun into animals mouth. Dosage is 15 mg/kg Mebendazole and 10 mg/kg Closantel.

(1 ml suspension/5 kg B.W.)

Withdrawal Time

Meat: 28 days


In order to prevent toxic reactions with chlorine compounds(like some insecticides) it should not be used simultaneously with such products.


– Shake well before use.

– Dose the animals based on their precise weight and recommended rates.

– Use under supervision of veterinarian.

– In case of contact with skin or eyes wash immediately with plenty of water.

In recommended doses no side effect is expected. The product can be used in pregnant animals and even during mating period.

-keep out of reach of children.

Storage conditions

Keep Under 30º C and away from light