AD3EC Rooyan®

Vitamin AD3EC

  • - animals:
  • - Packaging:
  • 50 & 100 ml vials

Product properties


AD3EC Rooyan®

Each ml of product contains:
Vit A 50000 IU
Vit D3 25000 IU
Vit E 30  mg
Vit C 100mg

Mechanism of Action:

Vit A besides its effective role in growth and protection of epithelial cells has an important role in the immune defense at mucocutaneous junction & increases fertility. Vit E supports muscle function & circulation & plays an important role in the development, growth & good performance of genital tract. Vit D3 is imperative for the bone build up especially for calcium / phosphorus metabolism. In addition, vit D3 along with vit. A acts synergistically on reproductive system & also in resistance to infection. Vit. C participates in oxidation reaction & involved in the synthesis of steroidal hormones, enhances body resistance against infectious disease, stress & poisoning. Accelerate wound healing & normal activity of folic acid is very important.

Indications of use

– Treatment and control of vit A, D3, E and C deficiencies.

– Vitamin supplement in young animal, older generation especially during pregnancy & lactation.

– Increased resistance to infection, disease during the rearing, poisoning, allergies,

parasitic disease, infertility caused by malnutrition & ovarian cysts.

– Auxiliary treatment for the additional vitamins needed during pregnancy, lactation & recovery period.

Dosage and route of administration

Inject the drug through intramuscular or subcutaneous route.

Cattle & Horse: 5-30 ml

foal & Calf: 5-10 ml

Sheep & Goat: 3-5 ml

Lamb & kid: 2-5 ml

Dog: 1-6 ml

Contra indication

Some of the ingredients in the product may result in allergic reactions in some animals.

Withdrawal time



In rare conditions, allergic reactions following injection of water – soluble vitamins may occur especially in cattle & horses. The symptomatic treatment (Antihistamines administration & effective drugs in cardiovascular system) should be practiced if necessary.

Storage conditions

Products should be stored below 25°C.