Aqua Sunosil®

Hydrogen peroxide 50% + Silver 0.05%

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  • 5 Liter polyethylene gallon

Product properties


Hydrogen peroxide 50%
Silver (Ag) 0.05%

Indications of use

This solution is effective on broad spectrum of microorganisms such as gram positive and gram negative bacteria, sporogenic microbes, enveloped and non enveloped viruses, fungi, yeasts, single cells, molds and also on biofilm (Thin layer of organic sediment in pipes in which bacteria are replaced).

Hydrogen peroxide stability is resulted from adding silver ion which has oligodynamic and catalytic effects.

Silver stick to bacterial protein by chemical connections and causes to sedimentation and disability.

Bacteriostatic feature of silver causes that surfaces which disinfected by 3% concentration, do not contaminate again. This product is used by 3%-6%-100% concentration. The unique feature of this product in addition to power and broad spectrum feature, is nontoxic for human and animals and doesn’t need to rinse again. Also it is demonstrated that this product is not carcinogen and mutagenic. To use disinfection, 6% concentration is used as a mist and for water disinfection 100% concentration is recommended.

Dosage and route of administration

General disinfection of poultry farms:

Dosage: 50 ml of product with 6% concentration per one square meter.

Dosage of air disinfection as a mist: 1 liter of product with 6% concentration per 100 cubic meter. It is recommended that all the equipment such as drinkers and feeders be disinfected with mist. For disinfection of floor, using 3% concentration as spray or mopping is recommended.

Disinfection of water supply system(before beginning of rearing period).

1) After full discharge of water tanks, rinse and clean them and be sure that all deposits have been deleted.

2) Pour water in tank equivalent of total volume of water supply and then add disinfectant solution to it.

Dosage: 1 liter of product with 100% concentration per 1000 liter water. Open the valve to run solution from main tank to water supply system, then

leave the system for 12 hours and fill it with clean water. The unique feature of this disinfectant is removing biofilm completely, no need to clean system and no need to neutralize the disinfectant.

3) Disinfection of drinking water (During the rearing  period)

Dosage( depending on water quality): 10-50 ml of product with 100% concentration  per 1000 liter drinking water.

In stockyards:

1) Disinfection of surfaces: For better result at first clean surface with high water pressure and detergent then spray solution (with 6% concentration  and  0.1-0.2 liter per square meter )and leave it to become dry. There is no need to rinse after disinfection.

It is normal foaming of this solution  during the process because of release of active oxygen.

2) Shoes and boots disinfection: Use 6% solution for shoes and boots disinfection.

3) Disinfected to prevent diseases:

To prevent FMD, it is suggested to spray 6% diluted  solution in the ratio  of 50% disinfectant and 50% water for hooves of susceptible animals. Also to prevent mastitis in dairy cow, it is recommended to wash  udder and teat after milking by diluted solution with 6% concentration and  ratio  of 50% disinfectant and 50% water.

4) Disinfection of equipments:

Provide 6% concentration solution in the ratio of 50% disinfectant and 50%water and then immerse equipment in it for one day.

This solution can be used several times but it is better to change it after a week.

5) Disinfection of milk liners: Put liners after milking in 2% solution for 20 minutes.

6) Disinfection of milk condenser and milk transport tanker: This containers should be disinfected by 2% dilution before milk entrance and then evacuated but do not need to rinse.

7) Disinfection of milk transit pipes:

After cleaning  pipes with acid and soda disinfect with 2% dilution for 20 minutes.

8) Disinfection of calf milk pail: Disinfect with 2% dilution and no need to rinse.


Use gloves and glasses during work.

Do not return  used product to original gallon.

Do not mix with another product.

If it is contacted with your skin, wash it  with lots of water.

Keep out of reach of children.

Storage conditions

Keep in original gallon vertically.

Hold on plastic pallet.

Keep away from flammable materials.

Keep below 20° C and away from direct sunlight.