Robenidine 6.6%

  • - animals:
  • - Packaging:
  • 1 and 5 kg 3-Ply sachets

Product properties


Each kg of Robicox® contains 66 g active robenidine (HCL).

Mechanism of Action:

Robicox® is a chemical coccidiostat that unlike ionophores, affects on two stages of life cycle with inhibits nucleus division of Eimeria and it is very effective against different species of pathogenic Eimeria in broilers such as E.tenella, E.necatrix, E.brunetti, E.acervulina, E.maxima and pathogenic Eimeria in turkey and rabbit. Robicox® is an ideal anticoccidial drug for cleanup program and preventing and controlling coccidiosis especially in acute infections. Robicox® in comparison with ionophores, Causes intense reduction of Oocyst excretion into faeces and doesn’t have cross resistance with other anticoccidial drugs. Robicox® increases weight, decreases feed conversion rate and prevents secondary infection due to clostridium perfringens in intestine epithelial wall. Also healthy intestinal epithelium results in highest rate of feed efficiency, speeds up growth and reduces feed conversion rate.

Indications of use

Robicox® is used in broilers, turkeys and rabbit.

Dosage and route of administration

500 g per each ton of feed. For achieving uniform mixture, first mix required amount of robicox® with 10 kg feed and then mix with 100 and 1000 kg feed respectively.

Storage conditions

Keep in dry place, away from direct light and in closed-door sachets.

Withdrawal Time

Don’t use Robicox® 5 days before slaughter. Don’t use this drug in layers.

Drug interactions:

Robicox® is compatible with all kinds of feed compositions and whole of antibiotics like Tiamulin. This drug should not be used with other anticoccidial drugs simultaneously.


Keep out of reach of children.