About us

“ROOYAN DAROU Pharmaceutical company “founded and managed by one of Iran’s strongest and most successful technical & commercial teams in 2004 initially named “Jamedat Afagh” being operated by 150 staffs for acting in local and global pharmaceutical market .

“ROOYAN DAROU” is a manufacturer, Distributor, Importer and exporter of poultry and veterinary medicine products and nowadays human medicine products also In 2007 after various researches and developments it was decided to expand 4 separate phases until 2015.

Phase 1 of development plan in old factory was for renovation in a space more than 5000 square meters consisting manufacturing hall, warehouses, installation of laboratories adjusting by incidence European GMP standards. This took place in less than 9 months in “industrial town” located east of Semnan nearest state to Tehran.

In 2008 phase 1 of our developing plan successfully targeted operating production lines with the capacity of producing annually 6 million liters of oral solution and 5000 Metric tons of powder & disinfectants, this helped achieving ISO 9002 and GMP.

These successful achievements over the past 2 years gave us access to local & global markets while operating phase 2 in 2011 which includes production lines of veterinary injectables in a space of more than 12000 square meters.

After utilization of phase 1 & 2 and in near future we would commence operating phase 3 & 4 which includes human injectables and oral medicines, veterinary vaccines, hi-tech and biotech products while aiming to transform the company becoming one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies throughout middle east until 2015.

Our vision:

To become a leading global animal and human healthcare organization driven by people, research and technology.

Our mission:

Becoming one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies throughout Middle East until 2015.

Our values:

Innovation: Create an environment that fosters creativity and openness to new ideas leading to advancement in skills, technology and processes.

Customer Delight: Achieve excellence in our products and services to exceed customer expectations and build long term relationships.

Performance Focus: Determined to achieve our business objectives and explore opportunities for accelerating growth.

Ownership and Collaboration: Own and deliver our commitments as a team. Strive for collaborative efforts, nurturing mutual respect and transparency.