Multivitamin+Amino acids+Trace elements

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  • 1 liter bottle

Product properties



Each liter contains:
Vitamin A 7000000 IU
Vitamin D3 70000 IU
Vitamin E 7000 IU
Vitamin B1 875 mg
Vitamin B6 1750 mg
Vitamin B12 8.75 mg
Niacinamide 700 mg
Calcium pantothenate 3500 mg
Biotin 35 mg
Zn 1380 mg
Mn 1930 mg
Cu 590 mg
Se 14 mg
Lysine 3100 mg
Cystine 600 mg
Threonine 2100 mg
Arginine 2100 mg
Serine 2700 mg
Isoleucine 1900 mg
Phenylalanine 1900 mg
Valine 2800 mg
Methionine 700 mg
Histidine 800 mg
Leucine 3200 mg
Aspartic acid 3600 mg
Proline 2100 mg
Glycine 2400 mg
Alanine 2600 mg
Tyrosine 1200 mg
Glutamic acid 6200 mg

Indications of use

1- To supply and prevention of important vitamins, trace elements and amino acids deficiencies in poultry.

2- After beak trimming, vaccination and antibiotic therapy.

3- Before and after transportation of pullets.

4- To prevent growth retardation and egg production decrease in case of stress.

5- In case of force moulting to have an early and good production after that.

6- To maintain a good egg shell quality in cases that the reason of poor shell quality is not due to imbalance of Calcium or Phosphorus.

7- Suitable for compensation in long lasting deficiencies in feed. Aminovitatrace® has a special formula for poultry. Group B vitamins is essential to metabolize carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.Trace elements in Aminovitatrace® does not have any bad influence on vitamins and have a good bioavailability in comparison. Essential amino acids prevent growth retardation and feathering problems and stimulate immune system and egg production.

Dosage and route of administration

0.5 to 1 liter in 1000 liters of drinking water, for 3-5 days.

Storage conditions

Keep in cool place, Store between 10-25°c. Protect from direct light, in closed containers.

Withdrawal Time