Rooyan Aqua GPC 10®

Glutaraldehyde+ Quaternary Ammonium+ Phosphoric Acid

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  • 5 Liter gallon

Product properties


Rooyan Aqua GPC 10®

Solution contains:
Glutaraldehyde 12% Weight
Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 4% Weight
Phosphoric acid 0.8% Weight
Isoprpyl Alcohol 2.5% Weight
Methanol 1% Weight
Water Up to 100% Weight

Indications of use

Solution as a part of the program of disinfection of livestock and poultry houses, poultry hatcheries and also related equipments is recommended. It is effective on bacteria, viruses and fungi in livestock and poultry farms.

Poultry: It is effective on pathogenic microorganisms causing Newcastle disease, Gumboro, viral arthritis, Infectious Laryngotracheitis , Adenovirus infection (EDS,IBH), Yolk sac infection, Coli septicemia , Salmonellosis, bacterial arthritis ,respiratory infections, Mycoplasma (Mg, Ms) infections and  Aspergillosis .

Cattle: FMD, Viral diarrhea, Infectious abortion  ,Tetanus, Meningitis, Encephalitis and Mastitis.

Horse: Infectious  abortion, Viral Rhino pneumonia, Viral diarrhea, Viral arthritis, Infectious Nephritis, Infectious diarrhea, Infectious Metritis, respiratory infections, wound infections, Foal Bronchopneumonia, Strangles, lymphangitis and Neonatal infections.

Sheep: Infectious arthritis, Septicemia, Mastitis, wound infections, Anthrax, Black leg and listeriosis.

This product is non-toxic and non- stimulant in normal dilution and does not leave any stains and deposits. Solution will be stable on the cleaned surface up to 8 weeks and has no corrosive effect.

Dosage and route of administration

Dilute 1 to 50 parts of water in contaminated and high-risk areas and 1 to 200 parts of  water in low risk areas.

Poultry and cattle stalls and halls: Evacuate the equipments, litter and manure. To achieve the best results, clean surfaces before disinfection. Wash all surfaces with Farm wash before disinfection. Spray all the surfaces with low pressure so that detergent can cover all the surfaces. Leave the place to dry completely. After putting the equipment (except feeder and drinker) rinse again the whole system with clean water.

Automatic drinker: All water tanks and drinkers should evacuate and then rinse with a clean water. Fill the whole system with diluted solution and wait for 30 minutes. After half an hour clean whole system again with clean water.

Feeder and drinker: Wash the equipments with Farm wash and then immerse into solution for 30 minutes. After half an hour, rinse all the equipments with clean water. If the sediment is still remain on the surface first clean them with brush and then attempt to disinfect. After putting equipment and till a new flock entrance use this solution as a mist.

Air disinfection: Dilute solution 1 to 200 ratio and spray one liter for100 cubic meters of space. Can be used twice a day and be sure that it does not have any side effects on chickens.

Vehicles: After washing soil and mud from vehicle’s  wheels and under them  , spray diluted solution or made into ponds. Use a new solution every week.


Work with gloves and masks and glasses during usage. Avoid contact this product directly with skin. Avoid drinking and inhalation of concentrated solution. In case of accidental inhalation or drinking immediately visit  a doctor. (It is necessary to companied by tag). Avoid from mixing solution with other chemical material. Remove the empty bottle within the based on environmental standards. After end of disinfection, take care the source of food or water is not smeared with disinfectant substance. Keep out of reach of children.

Storage conditions

Close container door tightly and  keep  between 8-15° C and enough ventilated places and away from direct sun light.