Levamisole 7.5%

Levamisole 7.5%

لوامیزول 7/5% | Levamisole 7.5%
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  • 100 ml & l liter bottle

Product properties


Each ml contains 75 mg of Levamisole hydrochloride.

Levamisole is a very highly effective anthelmintic  in treatment and control of nematod infections in large number of domestic animal such as cattle ,sheep and goat .It has a broad spectrum of activity against roundworm (gastrointestinal and pulmonary) but no efficacy against tapeworm and fluke. It is not ovicidal.


Indications of use

Levamisole could be used in cases of gastroentritis and lung worm diseases caused by mature and developing immature form of those organism sensitive to levamisole.

Gastrointestinal worms

Ostertagia, Heamonchus, Trichostrangylus and cooperia spp.

Lungworm: Dictyocaulus spp.

Levamisole has no activity against tapeworm and flukes.

Dosage and route of administration

Cattle ,sheep and goat: 1ml /10 kg body weight (7.5 mg /kg)

with drencher or syringe without  needle.

In cattle with body weight more than 300 kg add 1 ml for every extra 10 kg body weight. In sheep with body weight more than 60 kg add 0.5 ml more for every extra 5 kg body weight. It is recommended that to give  first dose of  levamisole to pregnant ewes 6 weeks before parturition and once again during weaning the lambs.


Each 20 ml of this solution is sufficient for 200 kg body weight. (20 ml of this solution is equivalent with a 5 gram sachet.)


Since the therapeutic dose is near to toxic dose, do not administer more than recommended dosage.

If the recommended dosage are exceeded  animal may exhibit sign of impaired motor function such as muscle tremor, head shaking, increased salivation and death. 14 days before and after administration of levamisole, the animals should not be treated with organophosphorus compounds, pyrantel and chloramphenicol. To ensure administration of a correct dose, body weight should be determined as accurately as possible. Care should be taken to avoid the following practices because they increase the risk of development of resistance and could ultimately result in ineffective therapy: too frequent and repeated use, over an extended period of time. Underdosing , which may be due to underestimation of body weight and misadministration of the product.

keep out of reach of children.

Withdrawal time

Meat: 12 days

Milk: 3 days

Storage conditions

Keep in closed container, protected from light at room temperature (less than 30 degrees Celsius.