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Cloprostenol Sodium

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  • 10 ml vials

Product properties


Each ml contains:

Cloprostenol sodium           263 mcg

Mechanism of Action:

Prostaglandins affect reproductive system as per following: luteolysis and subsequent ovulation  , uterine stimulations and contractions, excretion of fetal membranes, gametes transmission, abortion and spermatozoid movement in the male and female reproductive systems. Prostaglandins are produced by free arachidonic acid which is made from activity of phospholipase A attaching to cell membrane. After release, arachidonic acid is oxidized in two enzymatic pathways at least. The pathway which arachidonic acid is catalyzed by Cyclooxygenase, it is ended to Prostaglandin and Thromboxane production. Prostaglandins are applied due to their luteolytic effect as the first priority. PGF2a  causes luteolysis of active corpus luteum and quick reduction of progesterone synthesis. Luteolysis results in follicular growth, causing estrus or normal ovulation. Estrus is occurred in cow 2-5 days and in mare 2-5 days after injection. Mechanism of luteolytic effect of prostaglandin is not clear, but it may be related to circulation changes in uterus and ovarian vessels, inhibition of ovary reaction to gonadotropin or stimulation of catalytic enzymes. After intramuscular injection route, Cloprostenol is quickly diffused in the body. 30 minutes after injection in cow, Cmax in target organ is acquired. Prostaglandins are quickly metabolized by pulmonary, hepatic and renal enzymes. Cloprostenol is excreted by urine and bile. Its half life in cow is 1.6 hours and during 24 hours Cloprostenol concentration reaches to the minimum level in injection site.

Indications of use


– luteolysis and subsequent ovulation and estrus in non pregnant dairy cattle with active ovaries.

– Ovarian  luteal cyst

– Silent heat

– Induction of parturition

– Induction of abortion in  unwanted normal pregnancy

– Induction of abortion in abnormal pregnancy (like mummified fetus, dropsy of fetal membranes).

– Endometritis, pyometra , retained placenta

– Synchronization of estrus cycle.

– In estrus synchronization program with GnRH analogues.


– Silent heat

– Long term diestrus.

– False pregnancy

– Anestrous related to lactation

– Induction of abortion before 45th day of pregnancy

Dosage and route of administration

Cloprostenol is used through intramuscular route.

Cow: For treatment of pyometra, mummified fetus, silent heat treatment, luteolysis and induction of abortion is recommended 500 mcg (2 ml) through intramuscular route.

For synchronization of estrus in cow the following methods should be used:

  1. A) Single injection method: After determination of corpus luteum maturity and becoming sure of non pregnancy, inject 2 ml of drug. Thus estrus is acquired during 2-5 days and insemination can be done 72 hours after injection and also for more confidence next insemination can be done 96 hours later.
  2. B) Double injection method: After determination of corpus luteum maturity and becoming sure of non pregnancy, inject 2ml of drug and repeat 11 days later, thus estrus is occurs 2-5 days after second insemination. Insemination steps are similar to single injection method.

Mare: For making abortion, inject 100 mcg (0.5 ml) of drug through intramuscular route during 12 days after insemination. It will be effective 7 to 8 days after ending the estrus. Mares will be in heat 5 days after injection.


– In pregnant animal

– In animals with pyometra when cervix is closed.

– Avoid injecting via intravascular

– In mares with acute or sub acute failures in digestive or respiratory system.

Withdrawal Time

Meat: 4 days after last injection

Milk: 10 hours after last injection


Since the drug is easily absorbed from skin, pregnant women and persons who are suffered from asthma avoid contacting with this drug. Since Cloprostenol causes abortion and asthma, at the time of contact with it, rinse the location with water and soap.

Storage conditions

Keep in 15-25 degrees Celsius and away from light