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  • 250 ml, 1 & 4 liter bottles

Product properties


Each 1 liter bottle contains 1 liter liquid paraffin according to USP and BP standards.

Indications of use

This product is used as a laxative and emollient in some gastrointestinal disorders like as impactions, malabsorption, constipation, bloating and equine sand colic. Paraffin decreases surface tension of the ruminal content then can be applied as anti bloating agent in the ruminants.

In the cases of impaction in the end part of large intestine or any disorder in meconium defecation of the newborn animals, paraffin is administered through rectal route.

Dosage and route of administration

Cow and horse: 1 to 4 liter per os

Calf and foal: 60 to 120 ml per os 50 to 60 ml per rectum use for meconium defecation

Sheep and goat: 100 to 500 ml per os 5 to 10 ml per rectum for meconium defecation in lamb

Dog: 2 to 60 ml per os

Cat: 2 to 20 ml  per os

If repeat medication is needed, it is recommended to administer above mentioned doses to 2 or 3 divided doses

Withdrawal Time


Drug interactions:

Long term usage of paraffin may cause digestive disturbances e.g. malabsorption of nutrients.


For prevention of aspiration pneumonia, it is suggested for using stomach tube.

No complications and side effects are seen in the recommended dosages. The product is colorless, please refrain to use if any changes is seen in the color of the contents. Avoid using of paraffin more than recommended dosage.

Storage conditions

Keep in below 25°C and away from sun light and in closed containers.