D-Clo PG®

D-Cloprostenol Sodium

  • - animals:
  • - Packaging:
  • 10 ml vials.

Product properties


Each ml contains:

D-Cloprostenol         0.075 mg

Mechanism of Action:

D-Cloprostenol is a synthetic analogue of PGF2a  and it has all effects of PGF2a.. If  D-Cloprostenol reaches to mature corpus luteum, it makes luteolysis morphologically and theoritically. It makes estrus 2-5 days after injection.

Indications of use

It is used in horses and cattle.

Indications in cattle:

– Luteolysis and subsequent ovulation and estrus in non pregnant dairy cattle with active ovaries.

– In estrus synchronization program with GnRH analogues.

– Chronic ovarian tumors and ovarian luteal cysts.

– Endometritis

– Increase of myometrial contractile force.

– Termination of pregnancy and induction of abortion in pathogenic pregnancy.

– Uterine infections

– Uterine complications and diseases after parturition

– Silent heat

Dosage and route of administration

It is used through intramuscular route.

Cattle: 2 ml

Horses: 1ml

Withdrawal Time

Meat: 24 hours after last injection

Milk: 3 hours after last injection


It should be used with caution in treatment of pyometra when cervix is closed, otherwise peritonitis can occur because of uterus rupture.

PGF2a  is absorbable via skin, so it must be used cautiously in pregnant women and asthmatic people because of causing spasm in the bronchi. When contact is occurred, rinse location with water and soap and also use bronchodilators. In horses, sweating, increasing heart rate and colic is possible. These type of drugs are likely effective on animals with active corpus luteum.

Storage conditions

Keep between 15-25°c and away from light.