Neomycin 20% Rooyan®

Neomycin 20%

  • - animals:
  • - Packaging:
  • 500 g multilayer sachet

Product properties


Neomycin 20% Rooyan®

Each gram of powder contains:

200 mg Neomycin (as Sulfate)

Indications of use

Neomycin acts against gram negative bacteria like as E.coli, Klebsiella, Proteus, Salmonella and some gram positive bacteria but it is not efficient against anaerobic bacteria. It can be used against bacterial enteritis.

Dosage and route of administration

Poultry: 500 g in 500 liter of drinking water or 1250 g in 1000 Kg of feed for 3-5 days.

Calf and Lamb: 12-14 mg Neomycin sulfate per Kg of body weight for 3-5 days.

Storage conditions

In dry, at controlled room temperature (under 25 ° C) place and away from light.

Withdrawal Time

Broilers: 5 days

Calf: 30 days.

Lamb: 20 days

Milk: 2 days

Table egg: 14 days

Drug interactions:

Do not use simultaneously with Aminoglycosides, florfenicol and diuretics like as Furosemide.


Do not use more than 5 days continuously. Do not use in cases of kidney failure, intestinal obstruction and allergy.