Eucalyptus + Menthol + Peppermint oil

  • - animals:
  • - Packaging:
  • 250 ml & 1 liter bottle

Product properties


Each liter contains
Eucalyptol 120g
(as equivalent 150g eucalyptus oil)
Menthol extract 100g

Mechanism of Action:

It makes mucosal secretions be evacuated and this causes to improve breath and oxygen circulation.

It is used for prevention and  treatment of respiratory problems due to influenza.Vitamin E in this product improves immunity and also acts as an Antioxidant.

Menthol in this product is in two froms: peper mint and crystal menthol.

Indications of use

In case of reactions that resulted from Infectious Bronchitis and Newcastle disease vaccinations.

Infections due to Infectious Bronchitis and Influenza. Respiratory complications in flock. In dry and high temperatures specially when the mucosal membrane of respiratory system is dried and chicks be confronted with respiratory problems. In cases that respiratory problems be observed in flock and there is no possibility of using antibiotics(for example, close to slaughter time).

In cases that antibiotics are not effective. In cases that respiratory problems occurred, should be used for 3 days.

As a growth promotor in 5thweek of broilers life.

To prevention of asphyxia in severe sticky mucus accumulation in last weeks of rearing period before transfer to slaughterhouse.

Dosage and route of administration

It can be used as a defined dose in drinking water permanently. Also it can be sprayed. It can be used in heat stress and various reactions following of vaccination.

As a general instruction: At first, solve 250 ml in 3 liter of lukewarm water(40 degrees Celsius) then add it to 1000 liter of drinking water.

Drinking water method: For each 12000 chicks solve 125 ml in 500 liter drinking water and avail it for chicks twice a day.

Decline dosage to 200-225 ml (for 24000 chicks) and 75 -100 ml (for 12000 chicks) in cases of decline of water consumption by chickens.

Spray method: For each 1250 square meter till 3th week of life, solve 250 ml  in 10 liter of water and then spray on chicks twice a day. In elder chicks ,solve 500ml in 10 liter of water and then spray on chicks twice a day. Be able to keep on this therapeutic route until proper result achievement and respiratory symptoms improvement.

Withdrawal Time


Drug interactions:



This product is not antibiotic and can not use it instead of antibiotic. But be able to avoid antibiotic consumption if  use it  according to instruction for long time.

Do not use this product with antibiotics or other additive drugs to drinking water simultaneously.

In emergency cases use this solution in first 12 hours then use antibiotic in second 12 hours of a day.

Storage conditions

Keep in dark place and above 10 degrees Celsius.