Calcium+Magnesium+Phosphorus+Trace elements

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  • 1 & 2 liters bottles

Product properties



Each liter contains:
Phosphorus 140000 mg
Calcium 20000 mg
Magnesium 10000 mg
Na 4500 mg
Zn 2500 mg
Mn 2500 mg
Fe 2500 mg
Cu 500 mg
Co 50 mg

Indications of use

1-  Oligocalciphos® can be recommended in poultry specially in growing, peak of egg production, after vaccination, after antibiotic therapy and locomotion problems.

There is a natural competition between minerals and trace elements in powder form that is not seen in solution form. Minerals in Oligocalciphos® are in chloride form. Mineral bioavalibility in sulphate, oxide and carbonate forms are low whereas in chloride form is high.

2-  Egg shell disorders and cracks.

3- Phosphorus and calcium deficiencies in broilers.

4- Zn, Cu and Fe deficiencies.

5- Prevention of shell weakness in peak of production.

6- To give strength to shell at the end of production period in layers.

7- In breeders to prevent minerals and trace elements deficiencies in embryos and chicks and suitable strength of the shell and increasing hatchability.

Dosage and route of administration

1 to 2 liters in 1000 liters of drinking water, for 3-5 days.

Withdrawal Time


Storage conditions

Keep in cool place, Store between 10-25°C. Protect from direct light, in closed containers.