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  • 5 kg bag

Product properties


Each kg of Zoacox® contains:

250 g zoalene.

Mechanism of Action:

Zoacox® is a synthetic anticoccidial for the prevention and control of coccidiosis in broilers and turkeys. Zoacox® is a unique product because it is a synthetic compound but works similarly to an ionophore by allowing some cycling of Eimeria, the parasite that causes coccidiosis. That cycling, commonly called leakage by poultry producers and veterinarians, allows the development of natural immunity against the disease. Zoacox® is also approved for use in combination with BMD (bacitracin methylene salicylate), a feed medication used to manage necrotic enteritis in chickens and transmissible enteritis in turkeys.

Indications of use

Zoacox® is used to control and prevent coccidiosis in broilers, replacement pullets, and poults.

Dosage and route of administration

Broilers: 500 g Zoacox® per ton of feed.

Replacement pullets: 300-500 g Zoacox® per ton of feed from day old to maximum 16 weeks of age. For better results, make sure to mix Zoacox® properly in the feed.

Turkey: Zoacox® is approved for use in turkeys (grown for meat) for the prevention and control of coccidiosis. The inclusion rate is 500 to 700 g of Zoacox® per ton of feed.

It is recommended to mix Zoacox® first with 5 times its weight with feed and add the mixture to total feed volume and mix thoroughly again.

Withdrawal Time


Drug interactions:

Do not use with other coccidiostats.


Wear an antidust mask, gloves, and protective clothing during mixing. Wash hands with soap and water after mixing. Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use in layers during production.

Storage conditions

Keep under 25° C and in a dry place.