Mineral complex

مینرامیکس | Mineramix
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  • 1 liter bottle

Product properties



Eeach liter of the product contains:
Calcium (chloride) 100 g
Phosphorus 50 g
Magnesium (chloride) 10 g
Ferrous (chloride) 2.7 g
Zinc (chloride) 3.3 g
Manganese (chloride) 2.4 g
Copper (chloride) 925 mg
Cobalt (chloride) 14 mg

Mode of action

All minerals in the product are in chloride form. Bioavailability of the minerals is low in sulphate, oxide and carbonate salt forms, meanwhile bioavailability  and absorption of mineral salts in chloride forms will be higher.

Indications of use

1 – In special periods of poultry life like growing, peak of production, after vaccination, after antibiotic therapy and lameness

2 – Any failures or defects in egg shell

3 – Insufficiency of important minerals in broilers such as calcium and phosphorus.

4 – Insufficiency of trace elements

5 -In peak production for preventing of any defects in egg shell

6 – In old layers for better egg shell strength

7 – In breeders for prevention of minerals and trace elements deficiency

in their offsprings and egg shell improvement to increase hatching rate.

Dosage and route of administration

Based on poultry requirement, maximum 1 liter per 1000 liter of drinking water

Withdrawal Time



Using with antibiotics is contraindicated.


Keep out reach of children.

Storage conditions

Keep under 25°C and away from direct light in tightened cap bottles.