TS-Sol Rooyan®

Trimethoprim 4% + Sulfadimethoxine 20%

  • - animals:
  • - Packaging:
  • 500 ml bottle

Product properties


TS-Sol Rooyan®

Each milliliter of solution contains:

40 mg Trimethoprim and 200 mg Sulfadimethoxine

Target animal

Broilers, Breeders and Turkey

Mechanism of Action:

TS-Sol Rooyan® inhibits PABA enzyme action and stops protein synthesis in bacteria and results in bactericidal death.

Indications of use

TS-Sol Rooyan® can be used for treatment of various infections due to gram positive bacteria, gram negative bacteria and some protozoa.

Dosage and route of administration

9-15 ml of TS-Sol Rooyan® per 100 kg body weight in drinking water or 500 ml of

TS-Sol Rooyan® in 1000 liters of drinking water for 3 to 5 days.

Storage conditions

Keep in cool place, Store between 10-25°C. Protect from direct light, in closed containers.

Withdrawal Time

Do not use the product 5 days before slaughter.

Do not use in layers during laying period.

Drug interactions:

Do not administer in highly acidic waters.


Do not use in laying hens that produce table eggs.


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid direct contact to skin and inhalation when diluting the product in water.