Salinomycin 12%

سالینوکوکس - Salinocox
  • - animals:
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  • 1 & 5 kg multilayer sachets

Product properties


Each kg of Salinocox® contains:

120 grams Salinomycin sodium.

Mechanism of Action:

Salinocox® is an Ionophore coccidiostat that forms fat soluble complexes with Sodium and Potassium ions and enhances protozoas cell wall Permeability to these ions.With increases of positive ions inside protozoan cell, sodium-potassium pump is activated in protozoan cell wall and with use of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) starts outpouring these ions from protozoa. After some time the ATP amount is depleted and consequently due to osmotic pressure water is driven into protozoan cell and finally protozoas will be killed.

Salinocox® is a wide spectrum anticoccidial that is effective against merozoites, sporozoites and adult schizonts of all pathogenic species of poultry Eimerias indcluding E. tenella, E.necatrix , E. brunetti, E. maxima and E. acervulina.

Indications of use

Salinocox® is used to control and prevent of coccidiosis in broilers and replacement pullets. It improves feed conversion rate and has no negative effect on carcass quality.

Dosage and route of administration

Broilers: 500 grams Salinocox® per ton of feed, from day old to 5 days before slaughter.

Replacement pullets: 250-400 grams Salinocox® per ton of feed from day old to maximum 12 weeks of age. For better result, make sure to mix Salinocox® properly in feed.

It is recommended to mix Salinocox® first with 5 times its weight with feed and add the mixture to total feed volume and mix thoroughly again.

Storage conditions

Keep under 25° C and dry place.

Withdrawal Time

5 days in broilers and 7 days before beginning of production in layers.

Drug interactions:

Salinocox® has interaction with Tiamulin and can cause mortality, so at least 7 days gap should exist between usages of these two drugs.


Wear antidust mask, gloves and protective clothing during mixing Salinocox®. Wash hands with soap and water after mixing, keep out of reach of children.

Do not use in layers during production. It is fatal in horses and other solipeds. Do not use it simultaneously with other coccidiostats having same mechanism of action in poultry.