Tylosin Phosphate 25% Rooyan

Tylosin Phosphate 25%

  • - animals:
  • - Packaging:
  • 1 & 5 kg multilayer sachets

Product properties


Each kg of Tylosin phosphate 25% contains:

250g Tylosin (phosphate)

Mechanism of Action:

Tylosin phosphate is an antibiotic of macrolide group which is produced by fermentation of a certain fungus. This antibiotic prevents protein synthesis by ribosomes and thus prevents bacterial growth, resulting in their death. Special mechanism of action of macrolides, besides stopping rapid growth of microorganisms prevents buildup of bacterial resistance.

Indications of use

Tylosin phosphate is only used in veterinary field and effective basically against gram positive bacteria, but also has efficacy against some spirochetes and gram negatives (except coliforms).

Tylosin phosphate is used for prevention and control of chronic respiratory disease (CRD) in replacement pullets, broilers, increasing bodyweight and improvement of feed conversion rate in broilers, increasing egg production.

Dosage and route of administration

Broilers and pullets:  For prevention and control of CRD due to Mycoplasma gallisepticum, 4 kg of Tylosin phosphate 25% per ton of feed during first 5 days of chick’s life, should be repeated for 2 days at 3-5 weeks of age.

Layers: For feed conversion rate improvement and more production 200 per 1000 kg of feed.

Broilers: To increase bodyweight and feed conversion rate improvement: 20-200 grams Tylosin phosphate 25% per ton of feed.

Storage conditions

In dry place and below 25° C.

Withdrawal Time

5 days before slaughter.

Drug interactions:

Avoid using Tylosin phosphate simultaneously with other premix antibiotics.

Do not use with lincosamides, beta lactams and florfenicol simultaneously.


Wear protective clothes, gloves and antidust mask while handling this product and during mixing in feed. Keep out of reach of children.