Coli STOP 10 Rooyan®

Colistin Sulphate 2.000.000 IU

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  • 1 Liter polyethylene bottle

Product properties


Coli STOP 10 Rooyan®

Each ml contains:

2.000.000 I.U. equal to 100 mg Colistin

Mechanism of Action:

Colistin is a Polymyxin antibiotic. Mechanism of action of Polymyxins is not yet clearly defined. However it is known that Colistin with changing the bacterial membrane permeability causes bacteria death rapidly. Contrary to many antibiotics that act only during growth of bacteria, Colistin kills bacteria both in their active and passive stages.

Microbial organisms sensitive to Colistin seldom develop resistance to it.

Indications of use

For prevention and treatment of intestinal infections due to E.coli, Salmonella and other gram negative bacteria in poultry. Colistin is not absorbed through gut and thus yields high concentration in gut lumen, exerting more efficacy than many other antibiotics. It can also be used simultaneously with many antibiotics and antibacterials including Erythromycin, Clindamycin, Bacitracin and Sulfonamides to obtain synergistic effect.

Dosage and route of administration

Calf and Lamb: 50000 IU per kg body weight every 12 hours in drinking water or replacement feed or 0.25 ml of solution per 10 kg body weight two times daily for 3-4 days.

Poultry: 75000 IU per kg body weight daily or 0.25 ml per liter in drinking water for 3 days.

Storage conditions

Keep away from direct light and under 25° C.

Withdrawal Time

2 days before slaughter in broilers.

Meat and viscera: 7 days

Drug interactions:



Keep out of reach of children.