Aqua Persicide®

Peracetic acid + Peroxide Hydrogen

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  • 5 liter gallons

Product properties


Peracetic acid

Hydrogen Peroxide

Mechanism of Action:

Aqua Persicide® has a unique formulation based on peracetic acid for carrying out biosecurity in the farms. This formulation is classified in broad spectrum and  strong disinfectants without making resistance risk in the microorganisms. Then it could be on useful tool to control and decreasing pathogenic microorganisms everywhere resulting better performance in poultry industry.

According to the dilution rate, Aqua Persicide® can destroy all microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Peracetic acid deactivates and oxidizes many proteins and enzymes in the cells and cell membrane therefore cell will be disrupted eventually. More than 40 chemical reactions will be implemented in the microorganisms causing no resistance criteria even after long time use, then there is no need for changing Aqua Persicide® in every growing period.

Indications of use

Aqua Persicide® is a powerful disinfectant for poultry farms. It will be a good choice for:

– Aerial disinfection (when the chicks are in the house)

– Carcass disinfection

– Feed disinfection

– Milking system disinfection (no need to water for rinsing)

– Disinfection of the house, equipment, foot dipping and drinking water

Dosage and route of administration

Aerial disinfection: The solution with 1:1000 dilution rate can be sprayed on the chicks.

House disinfection: Dilute Aqua Persicide® 1:400 and spray on the surfaces or by using sponge.

Equipment disinfection: Aqua Persicide® must be diluted 1:200 and the equipment are immersed in it.

Foot dipping (bath): Dilution rate is 1:400

Feed disinfection: Aqua Persicide® should be added to the feed with dilution rate 1:1000 to 1:2000 (it can be sprayed directly or diluted with water and then added to feed) of feed.

Drinking water disinfection: Aqua Persicide® should be diluted 1:20000 in the water.

Carcass disinfection in the slaughter house: Spray 1:250 to 1:350 diluted solution directly on the carcass.

Milking facility disinfection: Aqua Persicide® is diluted 1:350 to 1:500 and entered to the milking system.

Udder disinfection: Dilute the product 1:350 to 1:500 and the solution can be used through spraying or sponging.

Hoof disinfection: Dilution rate is 1:400 for hoof disinfection.


Keep out of reach of children.

Storage conditions

Keep in dry and cool (10 – 25° C) place.