Oxytocin Rooyan®


اکسی توسین رویان | Oxytocin Rooyan
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  • 10 ml vial

Product properties


Each ml contains:

Synthetic Oxytocin              10 I.U.

Mechanism of Action:

Oxytocin activates guanylcyclase enzyme, increases sodium ions movement between cells, producing a wave of never depolarisation in uterine smooth muscles. This causes myo-metrial contractions. Oxytocin has important effect on estrus cycle, spermatozoidal motility and fertilised ovum. It helps proper parturition in most animal species.

Oxytocin also contracts myoepithelial cells in mammary tissue and by contracting alveoli facilitates milk secretion.

Indications of use

– Facilitates normal parturition

– Facilitates expel of placenta

– Facilitates uterine restoration post partum.

– Facilitates hard parturition cases

– Facilitates milk secretion

– Helps in treating post partum mastitis and agalactiae.

– Helps in treating pyometritis, metritis, uterine hemorrhage, uterine weakness and reduced activity.

Dosage and route of administration

Injection by subcutaneous and intramuscular routes. Intravenous injection should only be carried out slowly and in accordance with demand and response of animal under treatment.

For facilitation of milk secretion:

Cats: 1 – 10 IU

Dogs: 2 – 10 IU

Sheep: 5 – 20 IU

Cattle: 10 – 20 IU

Horse: 10 – 20 IU

For obstetrics purpose and parturition:

Cats : 5 – 10 IU

Dogs: 5 – 25 IU

Sheep: 30 – 50 IU

Cattle: 75 – 150 IU

Horse: 75 – 150 IU


Should not be used when cervix is not open as uterus wall may be ruptured.


Do not use in pregnant animal

Storage conditions

Keep between 2-8° C, in dry place and away from light.