Phytase 5000

Phytase 5000

آنزیم خوراکی طیور
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  • 1 and 5 Kg sachet.

Product properties


1 g of Phytase 5000 contains 5000 FTU phytase enzyme.

Drug category:

phytase enzyme produced by fungal source.

Phytase enzyme (Myo-inositol hexakisphosphate phosphohydrolase) is a general term which hydrolyze organic materials contains phosphorus.  This product has phytic acid hydrolyzing agent. Phytic acid is a kind of indigestible organic phosphorus which release phosphorus by phytase enzyme. While phytases are produced in animals, plants, fungi and bacteria, this enzyme has been most commonly detected and studied from fungi.

Phytase is produced by bacteria found in the gut of ruminant animals (cattle, sheep) making it possible for them to use the phytic acid found in grains as a source of phosphorus.

Non-ruminants (monogastric animals) like human, birds, etc. do not produce phytase. Research in the field of animal nutrition has put forth the idea of supplementing feed with phytase so as to make available to the animal phytate-bound nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids and proteins.

Indications of use

Phytase 5000-premix increases phosphorus phytate utilization rate of feed in broiler, layer and breeder.

Dosage and route of administration

Broiler, turkey and pullet: 100 g/ ton of feed

Layer and breeder: 60 g/ ton of feed

Drug interactions:

By using phytase enzyme calcium/phosphorus of feed must recalculated and notice phosphorus utilization rate of feed.

Withdrawal time:



This product can tolerate temperature up to 85° C. Keep out of reach of children. Wear protective clothes, gloves and anti-dust mask during handling and mixing as it can cause irritation and sever allergy in eyes.

It is better to mix it first and add the mixture to final feed volume and mix well again. Do not use more than recommended dose. As phytase enzyme is a protein, it can cause irritation and sever allergy so handle it with caution.

Use product 1 months after opening the seal.

Storage conditions

Store in cool (under 25° C) and dry place and away from light.

Package Formats:

1 and 5 Kg sachet.

The extended matrix values for least-cost formulation

Nutrients Broiler and Turkey Layer***
  One Kg of phytase

5000 is equivalent to

Nutrient Value (%) One Kg of phytase

5000 is equivalent to

Nutrient value (%)
Phosphorus * 11500 g 1150 19166 g 1916
Calcium 10000 g 1000 16667 g 1666
Lysine** 1200 g 120 1200 g 120
Methionine** 100 g 10 100 g 10
Cystine** 300 g 30 300 g 30
Threonine** 1300 g 130 1300 g 130
Tryptophan** 300 g 30 300 g 30
Isoleucine** 1200 g 120 1200 g 120
Crude protein** 22500 g 2250 22500 g 2250
Metabolizable energy 530000 Kcal 530000 Kcal 530000 Kcal 530000 Kcal

*Based on DCP

**Based on ileal digestibility

***Based on 60 g phytase enzyme / Metric ton.