Maduramycin 1%

مادوراسین | Maduracin
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  • 1 & 5 kg multilayer sachets

Product properties


Each kg of  Maduracin® contains:

10 g Maduramycin ammonium.

Mechanism of Action:

Maduracin® can bind with monovalent cations like Na and K to make Eimeria cell membrane permeable to these  ions and disrupt Eimeria metabolism. Maduracin® acts in the first of life cycle and asexual multiplication of coccidia and kills them. It is a broad spectrum polyethermonocarboxilic Ionophore that has maximum activity against six main pathogen coccidia. Its act against E. acervulina and E.tenella is more than other Ionophore coccidiostats. Maduracin® usage in feed cause lesser damage, better weight gain and better feed conversion rate.

Indications of use

Maduracin® is used to control and prevention of coccidiosis in broilers. Its potent is 12-24 times more than other Ionophores.

Dosage and route of administration

500 g per 1000 kg of feed (5 mg Maduramycin ammonium per kg of feed)

Storage conditions

Keep under 25° C and dry place.

Withdrawal Time

5 days before slaughter.

Drug interactions:

It is told that Maduracin® despite other Ionophores has no interaction with Tiamulin and simultaneous use of them does not cause decrease weight gain or adverse toxication.


Keep away from reach of children. Use only in broilers. During mixing, wear antidust mask, gloves and protective clothes. Rinse your hands with water and soap after mixing. In case of contact with eyes rinse them with plenty amount of water. Avoid direct contact with skin. Do not use simultaneousely with other coccidiostats. Close the door of sachet after usage firmly. Do not use in breeders, layers or other species of birds.

In concentration more than 6 ppm cause listlessness, reduce feather growth and reduce weight gain probably due to reduce feed intake. It is toxic for horses and other solipeds. Do not use in feeds containing binding substances except Bentonite, Lignin Sulphonate and Pel-Aid.