Tilmosin Rooyan®

Tilmicosin 25%

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  • 60 & 240 ml bottle

Product properties


Tilmosin Rooyan®

Each ml contains: Tilmicosin 0.25 g

Mechanism of Action:

Tilmosin Rooyan® is an antibiotic of macrolide family that binds to 50 s subunit of bacterial ribosome, inhibits protein synthesis resulting in bacterial growth prevention, and finally kills bacteria.

Tilmosin Rooyan ® is effective against Mycoplasma gallisepticum, Mycoplasma synoviae, Pasteurella multocida; Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale. Tilmosin Rooyan ® has 3 special characteristics as follow:

1- search: It searches the infection and destroys it. Tilmosin® reaches therapeutic concentration peak only 6 hours after use, and accumulates in target tissues. It also is carried by phagocytes notably and reaches target sites. It stays longer in these tissues, compared with other macrolides.

2 – Control: It strongly controls pathogenic microorganisms in respiratory system.

3 – Protection: It maintains production rate and protects birds indirectly against E. coli infection.

Indications of use

For treatment of poultry respiratory infections due to Mycoplasmas, Pasteurella multocida, Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale and many gram positive /gram negative bacteria. Tilmosin Rooyan® is one of the best drugs against Mycoplasmas that is easily dissolved in water and does not create problems like pipes clogging, unsolubility in hard water and incompatibility with salts in water. It can be used with all drugs including coccidiostats and in all environmental conditions including PH, salts, water salinity. It is very stable, and after opening of bottles keeps its efficacy for 3 months and in drinking water for up to 4 days. It has high safety margin and does not cause damage if used for 5 days even with 5 times higher than its therapeutic dose in water of broilers.

Dosage and route of administration

1- First time usage is during first week and preferably first 3 days of chick’s life, for 3 days.

2 – Second time is for 1-3 days, preferably 2 days after vaccination during third week of chicken’s life. This way Tilmosin Rooyan® can stops Mycoplasma growth and protect birds during rearing period.

3 – In replacement pullets the third time of use is 3 – 4 weeks after second Tilmosin Rooyan® usage. It will be used for 1- 2 days. If this method is not observed, it will be necessary to use Tilmosin Rooyan® minimum for 3 days after appearance of CRD symptoms and before it is complicated with E. coli.

Practically, for treatment, contents of one 240 ml bottle is used in 800 liters of drinking water (75 mg/liter). Otherwise based on body weight, use following formula: 20 mg/kg/day

It is better to prepare solution in water every day for same day use.

Storage conditions

Bellow 25° C, away from direct light.

Withdrawal Time

12 days in broilers. Do not use Tilmosin Rooyan® in layers that produce table eggs.

Drug interactions:

Do not use with lincosamides, beta lactams and florfenicol simultaneously.


Avoid direct contact with skin. Use gloves during mixing in water. It is only for veterinary use by oral route. Horses and solipeds should not have access to Tilmosin Rooyan® medicated water.

Keep out of reach of children.