Phosphorus 10% + Vitamin B12

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  • 50 & 100 ml vials

Product properties


Each ml contains 125 mg alpha-hydroxybenzyl phosphonic acid (source of phosphorus) and 0.05 mg cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12).

Mechanism of Action:

Alpha-hydroxybenzyl phosphonic acid is well absorbed after injection and diffused in the body. Phosphorus plays metabolic role in vital reactions specially biologic energy transport by ATP, caused increasing available energy and then increasing improvement and proper efficacy in animal metabolism.

Because of role of vitamin B12 in conversion of ribonucleotides to deoxynucleotides, it is main matter in nuclear maturity and cellular division. On the other hand, vitamin B12 is one of the main agents that form red blood cells and it is efficient in preventing and treatment of anemia.

In addition, this drug affects lipid metabolism in liver through producing and transporting methyl group and taking part in methylation reactions.

Indications of use

– Acute and chronic metabolic disorders.

– To accelerate improvement and to shorten convalescence.

– Supportive treatment, complementary therapies for tetanus, paralysis and weakness.

– Growth and nutritional disorders in young and small animals.

– Treatment of production decrease after parturition and unbalanced diets.

– Help to growth increase, production raise, health maintenance and stability of pregnancy and lactation.

– Supportive treatment in parasitic diseases and also during antibiotic therapy in infectious diseases.

– To improve function in race and riding horses.

– Treatment of anemia specially in incidence of parasitic diseases.

– Suitable for cattle, sheep, goats, horses, dogs, cats and other pet animals.

Dosage and route of administration

Inject this drug through subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravascular as per following:

Horse and cow: 10-25 ml

Foal and calf: 5-12 ml

Sheep and goat: 3-5 ml

Lamb and kid: 2-3 ml

Dog:1-5 ml

Cat and other pet animals: 1-3 ml

In chronic cases every other day for 10 to 20 days.

Withdrawal Time


Drug interactions:



Usage in animals which are sensitive to any compositions in it, should be done cautiously.

Use of sterile syringes is necessary. If dosage and route of administration are correct, no side effects are occurred. Keep out of reach of children.

Storage conditions

Keep in dry place and below 25° C and away from direct sunlight.