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  • 50 ml vials

Product properties


1 ml of solution contains 100 mg active substance menbutone

Mechanism of Action:

Menbutone, an oxobutyric acid derivative, is a choleretic and cholagogue compound. Menbutone stimulates the hepato-digestive activity in case of digestive disorders & hepatic insufficiency by increasing bile, pancreatic & peptic secretion between 2 to 5 times their normal values. Menbutone promotes food transit & food assimilation. It acts as a liver detoxifier & improves the normal activity of stomach, bile and duodenum. Menbutone is a potent choleretic, cholagogue and promoter of gastric & pancreatic juices. Generally a rapid improvement of appetite, process of digestion & gastro-enteric movement is observed.

Indications of use

The menbutone is indicated in a large number of primary or secondary digestive disorders as a sole or adjunctive treatment. The Menbutone increases bile, pancreatic secretion (eg. Trypsinogen) and gastric juice (eg. Pepsin) up to five times its normal value. This clinical effect is maintained for 2-3 hours after administration.

Cattles: Primary indigestion (carbohydrate engorgement / rumen overload, rumen acidosis), Indigestion after consumption of moldy ration. Food poisoning, Hepatic & pancreatic insufficiency, Bloat, Impaction, Constipation, loss of appetite, Secondary indigestion: (puerperal indigestion, surgical indigestion) metabolic disorders like ketosis.

Ovine: The same indications as cattle, pregnancy toxemia.

Dog: Constipation, Anorexia, Intestinal atony, Pancreatic insufficiency, Nutritional imbalance, Stimulatory effect on hepatic secretion & increasing bile secretion.

Dosage and route of administration

Administer the drug intramuscularly

Cattle: 20-40 ml per animal in 24hours (1 ml per 15-20 kg BW)

Calves: 5-15 ml per animal in 24 hours (1 ml per 10 kg BW)

Sheep & goat: 5-10 ml per animal in 24 hours (1 ml per 10 kg BW)

Dog: 1 ml per 10 kg per animal in 24 hours.

Drug interactions:

Do not administer together with solution contains: Calcium, Procaine Penicillin & B complex vitamins.


The intravenous administration should not be done rapidly, in cardiac insufficiencies and in hyperthermic animals, in digestive obstructions like parasitic bile duct obstruction, during last third of pregnancy in cattle.


Do not use more than recommended dosage. Use the medicine with veterinarian prescription only. Not more than 20 ml in each side of injection is advised.

Keep out of reach & sight of children.

Withdrawal time


Storage conditions

Keep in under 25° Celsius & protect from freezing.