Metamizole sodium

متاژین | Metagin
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  • 50 & 100 ml vials

Product properties


Each ml contains 500 mg metamizole sodium

Mechanism of Action:

Metamizole (dipyrone) is one of the strongest  non-opioid analgesic drugs  with antipyretic and spasmolytic effects. The mechanism responsible for the analgesic effect is a complex one, and most probably rests on the inhibition of a central cyclooxygenase-3 (a splice variant of cox 1 which occurs mainly in the CNS) and activation of the opioidergic system and cannabinoid system. Metamizole can block both PG-dependent and PG-independent pathways of fever induced by LPS, which suggests that this drug has a profile of antipyretic action distinctly different from that of NSAIDs. The mechanism responsible for the spasmolytic effect of metamizole is associated with the inhibited release of intracellular Ca2+ as a result of the reduced synthesis of inositol phosphate. Metamizole derivatives can easily permeate through the blood brain barrier ,their concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid ,is sufficiently high to induce a therapeutic effect. Metamizole is predominantly applied in the therapy of pain of different etiology, of spastic conditions, especially affecting the digestive tract, and of fever refractory to other treatments.

Indications of use

The product is indicated in conditions where a beneficial effect can be expected from the analgesic, antispasmodic, antipyretic and/or anti-inflammatory properties of metamizole.

– Treatment of pain in colic of varying etiology ,supportive treatment of diarrhea.

– Febrile diseases such as mastitis, pasturellosis and ephemeral fever.

– Acute and chronic forms of arthritis, rheumatic conditions, neuritis, neuralgia and tenovaginitis.

– Paralytic myoglobinuria of horses.

– Treatment of post operative pain and after painful intervention such as castration or shoeing.

– Obstruction of esophagus


The product should not be used in animals with disturbances of hematopoietic system.

Do not use by subcutaneous route. Do not use in cats.

Dosage and route of administration

Horses: 2-5 ml per 50 kg body weight very slowly intravenously

Cattle ,Sheep: 2-4 ml per 50 kg body weight very slowly intravenously or intramuscularly

Dogs: 0.04-0.1 ml per Kg body weight very slowly intravenously or intramuscularly

Administration may be repeated, if necessary.

Withdrawal Time

Meat (intramuscularly):  Cattle: 12 days. sheep : 18days

Milk (intramuscularly): 2 days or 4 milking. sheep : 3days or 6 milking

Special warning

A simultaneous administration of chlorpromazine can lead to sever hypothermia.

Keep out of reach of children.

Storage conditions

Keep away from direct sunlight, in dry place. Do not store above 25 degrees Celsius. Shelf-life after first broaching the vial :4 weeks