Rooyan Aqua Teat Dip 3%®

Povidone Iodine 3%

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  • 4 liter gallons

Product properties


Nonionic iodine (equal to 0.3% active iodine)

Mechanism of Action:

Rooyan Aqua Teat Dip 3%® solution is a broad spectrum disinfection with suitable bactericidal efficacy .It is effective on gram positive and negative bacteria, vegetative and spore forms of bacteria, viruses and fungi. One of the significant characteristics of this solution is killing of all mastitis bacteria like Streptococcus sp. and Staphylococcus sp. The solution contains softener compounds which inhibits dryness and inflammation of udder and teat skin. After milking, the teats are dipped in Rooyan Aqua Teat Dip 3%® and the product dries slowly on the skin. As the sphincter muscle of the teat returns to the normal position, a little amount of the product enters to the teat canal then teat orifice will be sealed. Meanwhile the solution is dried, polymer coating of the product is fixed on the teat so prevents entering of pathogens to the udder. Before milking, this coat can be removed with gentle pressure from the teat ending and teat is ready for milking. It should be noted that because of the iodine in the product, teat surface is disinfected completely. The product can be removed easily from the skin after washing.

Indications of use

It can be used for teat disinfection after milking. Because of its special formulation, there is no drop of the solution so the whole disinfectant is available for teats.

Dosage and route of administration

Fill the teat cup with undiluted Rooyan Aqua Teat Dip 3%® then dip the teats within the solution. Rooyan Aqua Teat Dip 3%® solution is ready to use product, then dilution of the product for teat dipping must be avoided. If the cup is used for teat dipping, it should be filled till to the mark line then dip the teats into the solution.


Prevent contact of the product with animal feed.(pale or colorless solution of Rooyan Aqua Teat Dip 3%® is ineffective on microbes). Don’t use empty gallons. During working with the product, use glasses, mask, gloves, gown and boots. Protect from frost. Keep out of reach of the children.

Storage conditions

Store in dry place between 10-25° C and keep away from direct light in closed container.