Farm Wash®

Nonionic Detergent

فارم واش | Farm Wash
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  • 1 & 4 liter gallons

Product properties


Farm Wash®

Each liter of the product contains:
Trisodium nitrilo – triacetate 113 g
Alcohol ethoxylate (Nonyl phenol) 33.5 g
Cocamidopropyl betaine 33.5 g
Water to 1000 ml

Mechanism of Action:

This product can penetrate to organic soiling like as manure, debris and fats on the building surface. It is a lighly foaming solution that can removes and cleans all organic materials from the animal house. Farm Wash® can be solved in normal or hard water then be washed with water easily.

Benefits and charachteristics:

– Powerful detergent

– Suitable for all kind of animal house

– Suitable for food industry

– Fast acting on organic debris

– Economical

– Suitable for hard water

– Ideal for all types of washing machine

– High solubility

Indications of use

Farm Wash® is a powerful cleanser and detergent for washing of walls and roofs of any kind of animal house.

Farm Wash® is ideal for different kind of hatcheries and their equipment.

Also it is used for washing of watering systems, feeders, cages, trolleys and trayes in the hatchery, food industry machines and animal transport vehicles.

It can be used for any type surfaces like as cement, bricks, wooden , metal, rubber and plastic with no harmful effect on them.

Dosage and route of administration

For highly dirty surfaces: Mix in ratio of 1 to 100 with cool or warm water.

For dirty surfaces: Mix in ratio of 1 to 200 with cool or warm water.

– Wet all the surfaces with foam by means of pressure washer (1 liter for each square meter) and leave it at least 15 minutes for better efficacy.

– Then rinse all the debris with the rest diluted solution ( 3 to 10 liter for each square meter). Pay more attention to the corners and bottom surfaces of the facilities in the house.

– To prevent recontamination, rinse whole the house from up to down and front to behind.

– Let dry all the surfaces before disinfection.

– There is no need for rinsing after drying.

– All the portable equipment (like as feeders and drinkers) can be dipped in diluted solution and then brushed and rinsed.

– Cages and trucks must be washed with high pressure diluted solution and rinsed after 15 minutes

Storage conditions

Close the lid tightly after every using.

Keep in a cool place and away from direct sunlight.


– Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. If happens, rinse the site with clean water then seek medical advice.

– In case of sudden drinking of the product, refer to a physician immediately (please take the lable with yourself).

– Do not mix the product with hypochlorite solution, phenolic soaps and anionic surfactants.

– Keep out of reach of children.