Cetrivet C®

Cetrimide + Chlorhexidine

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  • 1 & 4 liter gallons

Product properties


Cetrivet C®

Cetrimide  15% W/V
Chlorhexidine Gluconate 15% W/V

Indications of use

Because of high disinfection effects of the ingredients, it can destroy (in the definite dilution) gram positive and gram negative bacteria like as E coli, Salmonella, Strepto-coccus, Stophylococcus, some pathogenic fungi and viruses in the animals.

Certrimide C Solution is used as a trustable detergent and broad spectrum disinfectant for skin, surgery site and instruments, uterus, udder, ulcer, hands, clothing, milking apparatus and farm equipments.

Dosage and route of administration

1:200 dilution rate for disinfecfion of farm walls and floors, feeders and drinking water system, farm equipments, hand disinfection, small surgery preparation, ulcer sanitization, clothing and surgery instruments (for the latter, distilled water is prefferd).

1:30 dilution rate for  rapid disinfection of hands and surgery instruments

1:5 dilution rate in 70° alcohol for hand disinfection before surgery


If metallic devices will remain in Cetrimide C more than 8 hours, it is advised to add 4% Sodium nitrite to the solution for preventing any changes in the metals.

Avoid any contact of the skin, ear mucus and specially eye with Cetrimide C.

Syringes and needles must be washed with water or normal saline after Cetrimide C disinfection.

In case of sudden swallow, surfactant solutions (like as soap) should be consumed and seek medical advice.

Storage conditions

Keep in room temperature (below 30° C) and suitable containers.

Keep out of reach of children.