Gentamycin 5%

جنتامکس | Gentamax
  • - animals:
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  • 50 ml vial

Product properties


Each ml contains 50 mg of Gentamicin

Mechanism of Action:

Gentamicin belongs to Aminoglycosides family and shows its antimicrobial effects by means of effect on 30s ribosomal unit and interference in protein synthesis in susceptible organisms. Gentamicin is effective on gram negative bacteria like E.coli, Klebsiella, Proteus, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Enterobacter, Serratia and Shigella and also on staphylococcus and Streptococcus.

Gentamicin is rapidly absorbed in ruminants after intramuscular injection. Its half life is 1-3 hours. Excretion is by renal filtration and via urine. Gentamicin has little permeability into CSF.

Indications of use

In treatment of susceptible infectious diseases such as enteritis, metritis, bacteremia, pyometra, septicemia in horse, dog, cat and foal caused by proteus and pseudomonas and infections of urinary, dermatic, digestive and respiratory infections.

Dosage and route of administration

Only with veterinarian prescription.

In animals for human consumption, the drug should be used as single dose and avoid multiple doses.

5mg/kg through IM, SC or slow IV injection. First day every 12 hours and next days every 24 hours for 3-5 days.

Withdrawal Time

Single Injection: Meat: 214 days after the last injection

Milk: 7 days after the last injection


1- The drug should not be used in animals producing milk and meat for human consumptiom.

2- The drug should not be used in pregnant animals due to nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity.

3- The drug should not be used in animals with renal disorder or hypersensitivity to Aminoglycosides.

Storage conditions

Keep between 15-25° C and away from direct light.