Vitamin C 25%

Vitamin C 25%

مكمل درمان بيماري هاي عفوني در دام
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  • 50 &100 ml vials

Product properties


Each ml contains: Ascorbic Acid 250 mg

Mechanism of Action:

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. Ascorbic acid participates in the oxido-reductive processes and aids the tissue respiration. It reduces the permeability of the blood vessel membranes, thickens the capillaries and helps to restrict the exudative, inflammatory and partly the allergic reactions. It induces antitoxic and desensibilizing effect. Ascorbic acid facilitates the transformation of folic acid into folinic acid and stimulates erythropoiesis indirectly. It improves reticuloendothelium function. Ascorbic acid stabilizes adrenaline and assists the synthesis of corticosteroid hormones. It exhibits a hemostatic effect. It improves the appetite, the secretion activity of the digestive tract and the animal growth. It is rapidly consumed in febrile conditions. Applied in excessive doses it acts as an immunostimulant. Ascorbic acid in excess of the body requirements is excreted, largely unchanged, in the urine.

Indications of use

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), is used as an adjunct in the treatment of infectious diseases, anemias, poisoning, bleeding, gastroenteritis, heat and cold stress, sudden changes in ration, transport, infertility, growth problems and anaphylactic reactions.

Ascorbic acid is critical and essential in the maintenance and repair of joints and joint cartilage, proteoglycans and other joint components, synthesis of collagen, tooth, bone, skin and blood vessel maintenance and also in the healing and repair of burns, wounds and fractures.

It stimulates the formation of antibodies, giving better post vaccinal immune response and protect epithelia, preventing the action of germs secondary invasion. Ascorbic acid decreases immunosuppression due to stress and as an adjunct in convalescence after infectious and parasitic diseases.

Ascorbic Acid involved with the metabolism and absorption of iron, selenium, chromium and copper.

Dosage and route of administration

Cattle and horses: 10 ml

Calves and sheep: 5-10 ml

Lamb, dogs and cats: 1-2 ml

Repeat if it is needed.


It is not recommended to use for animals sensitive to Vitamin C and in animals with renal failure.

Withdrawal Time


Storage conditions

Store between 2° and 8° C.

Do not freeze.

Keep away from direct sunlight.