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Dinoprost Tromethamine

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  • - animals:
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  • 10 ml vials

Product properties


Each ml contains:

Dinoprost (tromethamine)  5 mg

Mechanism of Action:

Prostaglandins are present in almost every part of animals body as biologocally active materials. Prostaglandin F2a  is a luteolytic hormone that lysis corpus luteum in ovaries.

Indications of use

Estrus induction:

After injection, estrus behavior  will start in next 2 to 5 days.

Estrus synchronization:

1-  By 2 injections 11-12 days apart and insemination 72-96 hours after second injection.

2-  In estrus synchronization program with GnRH analogues.

silent estrus:

In non pregnant cows with active corpus luteum which do not have estrus behavior , After first injection and Luteolysis , estrus signs will appear within 2-5 days. In case of failure, a second injection will be needed 11 days after first injection.

luteal cyst:

Dinoprost injection causes luteal cyst regression and return normal activity of ovaries.

Uterine infections:

Dinoprost injection along with using a suitable antibiotic will treat acute and chronic uterine infections. Dinprost considerably increases natural defense activity of uterus aganist inflammations

and infections. It is very effective in treating pyometritis and endometritis.

Termination of pregnancy and induction of abortion:

Dinoprost can be used for inducing abortion in cases like mummified fetus , fetus death and unwanted pregnancies. For this purpose an injection can be done between fist week after mating to 5 months of pregnancy and abortion will induce.

Parturition induction:

One injection after day 270 of pregnancy.

Dosage and route of administration

Treatment dose for each head of cattle is 5 ml (25 mg Dinoprost ) through intramuscular route.

Treatment dose for each head of horses is 1 ml (5 mg Dinoprost ) through intramuscular route.


Do not use in animals with respiratory, digestive or blood circulation disorders.

Drug interactions:

Do not use simultaneously with non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs.

Side effects

These may appear 15 minutes after injection and disappear after one hour. possible side effects are:

Horses: Colic, increased perspiration, increased heart beat, increased respiration, reduced rectal temperature.

Cattle: Reduced saliva secretion, increased

respiration and increased rectal temperature.


Pregnant women and persons suffering from asthma should not handle Dinoprost.

In case of contact with skin wash immediately with water and soap.

Withdrawal time

Meat: 24 hours

Milk: None

Storage conditions

Keep between 15-30°C and away from light.