رینوگوناد | Rinogonad
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  • 10 ml vial

Product properties


Each ml contains:

Gonadorelin acetate            50 mcg

Mechanism of Action:

Gonadorelin is transported to hypophysis anterior lobe via portal vein and enhances secretion of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone in about 2 hours after injection. Its half life in blood serum is less than 3 hours after which it is metabolized into amino acids and goes out of tissues.

Indications of use


– Subfertility with ovarian origin.

– In estrus synchronization program along with prostaglandin F2•

– Follicular cyst with or without signs.

– Delayed ovulation.

– Follicular regression in ovaries.

– Fertility rate improvement.

– Preventing fertility failure by speeding up the first true estrus (specially after parturition).


– Cystic ovaries changes with or without estrus signs.

– Anestrous in acyclic mares.

– Ovulation stimulation.

– Assurance of ovulation synchronization and mating.

– Improvement of fertility rate in prolonged and irregular estrus cycles.

Dosage and route of administration

– By intramuscular (I.M.) injection route.

Cows: 2 ml

Mares: 10 ml

Withdrawal Time

Due to similarity of Gonadorelin with natural gonadotropin releasing hormones secreted from hypothalamus and due to its metabolism in body, no withdrawal period is needed.

Storage conditions

2-8 °C, away from light.