Monensin 10%

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  • 1 & 5 kg multilayer sachets

Product properties


Each kg Monencox® contains:

100 grams Monensin (sodium).

Mechanism of Action:

Monencox® has potential of forming fat soluble compounds with univalent metal ions like sodium and potassium. Monencox- cation complexes can make biologic membranes permeable to sodium /potassium ions and affect various cell functions associated with ions. Consequently ions transfer and some functions of mitochondria including oxidation substras and hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) are inhibited.

Monencox® increases sodium entrance to coccidial cell and activate sodium- potassium pump, resulting in sodium ion accumulation, increase of osmotic pressure and water absorption rate and finally inflation and destruction of coccidia. Monencox® is produced from fermentation of a fungus, Streptomyces cinnamonensis. It is a polyether monocarboxycilic ionophore.

By using Monencox® not only acute coccidiosis is prevented and controlled, but in subclinical cases decreased growth rate, or increased feed conversion rate are prohibited. The major advantage of Monencox® to other ionophores is lower water exit from body which keeps litter in dry condition.

Indications of use

Monencox® is used for control of coccidiosis in broilers for the whole production period as well as in replacement pullets and turkeys. It is effective against all pathogenic species of poultry/turkey Eimerias including E. gallopavonis, E. adenoides, E. meleagridis, E. mitis, E. brunetti, E. necatrix, E. maxima,E. acervulina , E. tenella.

Dosage and route of administration

1- Broilers: 1 kg per ton of feed from day old to 3 days before slaughter continuously.

2- Replacement pullets: 1 kg per ton of feed from day old to 16 weeks of age continuously.

3- Broiler turkeys: 1 kg per ton of feed from day old to maximum 16 weeks of age continuously.

Storage conditions

Keep under 25° C and dry place, away from direct light and out of reach of children.

Withdrawal Time

3 days in broilers.

Do not use in layer pullets and turkeys ofter 16 weeks.

Drug interactions:

Simultaneous use of Monencox® with Tiamulin, retards growth and possibly causes mortality. Its simultaneous use with Erythromycin or Sulfonamides due to possibility of toxicity is not recommended.


Monencox® should not be used for horses and other solipeds. It should not be mixed with other coccidiostats. It should not be used in layers and laying turkeys. Mix it thoroughly with feed. It is better to mix it first with 5-10 times its weight of feed and add the mixture to final feed volume and mix well again.

Keep out of reach of children. Wear protective clothes, gloves and anti-dust mask during handling and mixing as it can cause irritation and severe allergy in eyes. In case of contact,wash eyes immediately with plenty of water. Avoid skin contact. Keep bags tightly closed after use.