Fish Floral 50 ROOYAN®

Florfenicol 50%

فیش فلورال رویان® | ®Fish Floral 50 Rooyan
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  • 0.5 and 1 kg sachets

Product properties


Fish Floral 50 ROOYAN®

Each g contains 500 mg florfenicol.

Mechanism of Action:

Florfenicol is a synthetic broad spectrum antibiotic that  prevents the growth of bacteria through binding  to the 50s ribosomal subunit and inhibiting the protein synthesis(it is a bacteriostatic antibiotic), but in higher concentration in some bacteria could be bactericidal.Florfenicol is active against many gram positive and gram negative pathogens in fish including Aeromonas salmonicida, Vibrio salmonicida, Edwardsiella ictaluri and streptococcus species.

Indications of use

Fish Floral 50 ROOYAN® is used for fish bacterial pathogens susceptible to florfenicol.

For treatment of Edwardsiellosis, Pasteurellosis, Streptococcosis, enteric septicaemia, cold water disease, columnaris disease, myxobacterial stomatitis and rickettsial infections.

Treatment and control of furunculosis

This disease is seen on cold water fish like salmons. Due to good tissue  absorption and diffusion ,florfenicol in salmon is very effective.

Dosage and route of administration

The product is mixed in feed at a rate of 10 mg per kg bodyweight of fish daily for 10 consecutive days.

Feeding rate Amount of Fish Floral 50 (florfenicol) per Ton of Feed Biomass of fish medicated per ton of feed per 10 day treatment period
% Biomass kg kg
0.5 4 20000
1 2 10000
2 1 5000
3 0.66 3333
5 0.4 2000

Feeding fish at a percent of biomass and corresponding florfenicol included in the able above will deliver 10 mg florfenicol per kg of fish.

Mixing instruction

  1. For surface -coating(top-coating): Mix a known quantity of florfenicol with some amount of fish oil or vegetable oil and then add the mixture to the known quantity of fish based on table above and thoroughly mix.
  2. For incorporation inside pellet: The known quantity of florfenicol is mixed with feed. The mixture is extruded and pellets are dried. The pellets coated with predetermined amount of fish oil or vegetable oil.

Withdrawal Time

Cold water fish: 12 days

Warm water fish: 15 days


Should not used in breeding fish.


Keep out of reach of children.

Operating mixing and handling Fish floral 50 Rooyan® should wear protective clothing, gloves, goggles and dust mask.

Storage conditions

Store at dry place, away from direct light and below 30 degree Celsius .