Aqua Brono Guard®

Bronopol 50%

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  • 0.5 & 1 Liter gallons

Product properties


Each ml contains

Bronopol   500mg

Mechanism of Action:

Bronopol is an strong disinfectant, which chemically is an Halogenonitro aliphatic compounds.

The mechanism of this material is poorly understood but scientists believe that Bronopol is affect on dehydrogenase enzymes who has a sulfur group (tiol) in their structure in a way which damages the cell wall of the microorganisms and cell contents will leak out. Effects of Bronopol are dose – dependent, as with the increase in the environment, it’s also increases.

Bronopol is effective on infectious viruses, bacteria and fungi and significantly is more effective on gram negative bacteria. More over Bronopol is significantly effective on pseudomonas aeruginosa that often is resistant to other disinfectants.

Research has shown that Bronopol doesn’t have any carcinogenicity, mutagenesis and teratogenic properties, and doesn’t have any harmful or toxic effects on embryo.

Indications of use

BRONOPOL 50% is indicated for the treatment and control of fungal and bacterial infections in fertilized, incubated fish eggs as well as the reduction and control of such infections in farmed fish held in tanks. Addition of BRONOPOL 50% in the live prey holding tanks in marine hatcheries drastically reduces bacterial load.

This product is very effective in disinfection of fish farms. Bronopol doesn’t have any adverse effects on fertility and viability of rainbow trout eggs. Concentration of 500 ppm of BRONOPOL 520% for disinfecting surface of trout eyed eggs can significantly decrease bacterial total count without any damage on eggs.

Research has shown remaining trout eyed eggs on solution with 2000 ppm of BRONOPOL 50% for 20 minutes doesn’t have any effect on viability of eggs.

Dosage and route of administration

It is recommended that the correct amount of product per volume incubator should be measured and mixed with a small volume of incubator water prior to addition to the incubator. Because this product is used for microbial and fungal infections of fish eggs and also in fish infections, dosage is different. The other side’s how to access of tank water for fish or fish eggs in forms are different, because of that we will calculate the dosage before adding in to the water.

Treat once daily at 520 mg Bronopol / liter (1ml BRONOPOL 50% / 10 liters incubator water) for 30 minutes commencing 24 hours after fertilization.

This dosage is for incubation system. The amount of disinfectant in fish is 20 mg to 1l (1 ml of BRONOPOL 50% in to 25 l water) which is use for 30 minutes and once a day up to 14 consecutive days.

Contra indications

Do not mix with another product. Do not use for fry salmon that newly come from sea in to the river. (Do not use in smelting Atlantic salmon as it may be harmful at this phase)

Withdrawal Time

Do not be used in fish eggs for human consumption.


Use under veterinary direction. While preparing and applying the disinfectant wear protective clothes, gloves, mask and goggles. In case of contact with eyes and skin wash with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice. To determine the proper dosage with this product, refer to the brochure. The remaining of product will be kept in original container and the door will be fastening tightly. It’s better to use immediately after the first opening. Do not use concentrated product directly into the tank, product will be diluted before adding.

Undiluted product in direct contact may damage the surface of plastic troughs or tanks.

BRONOPOL 50% doesn’t have own propriety in alkaline environment and high temperature (more than 50°c)

Storage conditions

-Keep out of reach of children.

-Do not store above 25°c, Protect from light. Store in the original container and keep the container tightly closed after use.