Avilamycin 10%

Avilamycin 10%

  • - animals:
  • - Packaging:
  • 1 and 5 Kg sachets

Product properties


Each Kg contains 100 g Avilamycin

Mechanism of Action:

Avilamycin belongs to orthosomycin antibiotic group produced by the fermentation of Streptomyces viridochromogenes. Avilamycin is intended for use as a veterinary medicine in chicken and turkey to control bacterial enteric infections. It exhibits good antimicrobial activity against important veterinary Gram-positive pathogens (e.g., Clostridium perfringens) and has no related molecules in its class in human use.

Indications of use

To increase weight gain and improve feed efficiency and prevention of enteritis caused by clostridium spp. in chickens.

Dosage and route of administration

Thoroughly mix 100 grams of Avilamycin in 1000 Kg of feed to provide 100 grams Avilamycin per ton or 100 ppm.  Feed continuously as the only ration.

Avilamycin premix must be thoroughly mixed in feed before use and should be thoroughly mixed with a small quantity of feed ingredient (20 to 50 Kg) before it is incorporated into the bulk of the feed to be prepared.

Drug interactions:


Withdrawal Time

Meat: Nil

Eggs: Do not use in laying birds that producing table eggs.


Keep out of reach of children.

Wear glasses and gloves during handling and mixing the product.

Storage conditions

Keep under 25 ° C in dry place and away from direct light.