Meloximax Rooyan®

Meloxicam 2%

ملوکسی مکس رویان | Meloximax Rooyan
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  • 50 ml vials

Product properties


Each ml contains 20 mg Meloxicam

Mechanism of Action:

Meloxicam is a NSAID drug with anti inflammatory, analgesic, anti-exudative and antipyretic effects which acts by inhibition of cyclooxygenase, phospholipase A2 & Prostaglandin synthesis. Several studies demonstrated that Meloxicam inhibits Cox2 to a greater extent than cox 1. NSAIDs anti inflammatory efficacy arises from inhibition of cyclooxygenase2 (Cox2) whereas inhibition of Cox1 isoform produces the gastric & renal side effects of NSAIDs. Meloxicam has anti-endotoxic properties because it inhibits production of thromboxan B2 induced by E.coli endotoxin in calves & lactating cows.

Indications of use

Cattle: For use in acute respiratory infection with appropriate antibiotic therapy to reduce clinical signs in cattle. For use in diarrhea in combination with oral rehydration therapy to reduce clinical signs in calves of over one week of age & heifers. For adjunctive therapy in the treatment of acute mastitis in combination with antibiotic therapy.

For the relief of post – operative pain following dehorning in calves.

Horses :For the relief of pain associated with equine colic. For use in alleviation of inflammation  and relief of pain in  both chronic & acute musculoskeletal disorders. For the relief of post – operative pain following orthopaedic & soft tissue surgery.

Dogs and cats: Alleviation of inflammation & pain in both acute & chronic musculoskeletal disorders, reduction of post-operative pain & inflammation following orthopeadic & soft tissue surgery & after ovariohysterectomy in cats.

Dosage and route of administration

Cattle: Single dose of 0.5mg meloxicam/kg body weight (i.e. 2.5ml/100 kg body weight) subcutaneous or intravenous injection in combination with antibiotic therapy or concurrent with oral rehydration therapy, as appropriate.

Horses: Single intravenous injection as a dosage of 0.6 mg meloxicam /kg body weight (i.e. 3ml/100 kg body weight).

Dogs: Single dose of 0.2 mg meloxicam/kg body weight Intravenously.

Cats: Single dose of 0.3mg meloxicam/kg body weight subcutaneously.


Do not use in animals suffering from impaired cardiac, hepatic & renal functions & hemorrhagic disorders. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to other NSAIDs drugs. For treatment of diarrhoea, do not use in calves of less than one week of age. Do not use concurrently with other NSAIDs, glucocorticosteroids and anticoagulants. Do not use in severely dehydrated animals due to increased risk of nephrotoxicity. Do not use in foal less than 6 weeks of age. Do not use in pregnant or lactating mares. Do not use in pregnant or lactating cats & dogs.

Drug interactions:

Other NSAIDs, diuretics, anticoagulants, aminoglycoside antibiotics & substances with high protein binding affinity may compete for binding which lead to toxic effect. Concurrent administration of potential nephrotoxic drug should be avoided.

Adverse reactions

Typical adverse reaction of NSAIDs such as loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea, faecal occult blood may be seen.

Special precautions for use

If adverse reactions occur, treatment should be discontinued. Avoid use in very severely dehydrated, hypovolemic or hypotensive animals & with potential nephrotoxic drugs as there may be a risk of  renal toxicity. During aneasthesia, monitoring & fluid therapy should be considered as a standard practice. In the case of overdose, supportive & symptomatic treatment should be initiated.(Treatment free period of at least 24 hours before using product should be observed in animal with history of other NSAIDs treatment.)

In cats: Do not repeat treatment and do not continue with other NSAIDs. Do not use intravenously. Particular care should be taken with regard to the accuracy of dosing. Use 1 ml measuring syringes. The probable adverse drug reactions have not been established in dogs less than 6 months of age, cats less than 4 months of age & during pregnancy & lactation in dogs & cats. Precaution for person administering the product accidental self – injection may give rise to pain. In case of accidental injection, seek medical advice & show the package leaflet or the label to the physician. People with known hypersensitivity to NSAIDs drug should avoid contact with product.

Keep out of reach & sight of children.

Withdrawal Periods

Cattle: Meat & offal: 12 days. Milk: 5 days

Storage conditions

Keep in under 25° Celsius & protect from freezing. Shelf life after first broaching the glass vial : 28 days.