مکسی چوک رویان | MAXI CHOC Rooyan
  • - animals:
  • - Packaging:
  • 1 liter bottle

Product properties



Each liter contains:
Sorbitol 50.000 mg
Propylene glycol 250.000 mg
Dextrose 10.000 mg
Vitamin A 10000000 IU
Vitamin D3 500000 IU
Vitamin E 10.000 mg
Vitamin C 15.000 mg
Vitamin K3 1.000 mg
Vitamin B1 4.000 mg
Vitamin B2 750 mg
Vitamin B5 1.500 mg
Vitamin B6 450 mg
Vitamin B12 60 mg
Nicotinamide 6.000 mg
Biotine 5 mg

Indications of use

1 – Improvement of performance and supplying of nutritional requirements in growing and production periods.

2 – Decreasing mortality, supporting weak animals and compensation of growth retardation.

3 – Improvement of egg shell quality and elongating peak production period.

4 – After antibiotic and antiparasitic treatments.

5 – Improvement of reproduction performance (increasing fertility and hatchability rate).

6 – Alleviation of heat stress and during dietary changes in feed.

7 – During insemination and mating, before parturition and weaning.

8 – Peak of milking, drying period and for feedlot cattle.

Dosage and route of administration

Cattle Dosage
Milking and feedlot cattle 100 ml
Heifer 50 ml
Calf under 75 kg 15 ml
Calf over 75 kg 20 ml
Mature 50 ml
Juvenile 25 ml
Colt 15 ml
Sheep and goats
Mature 20 ml
Juvenile 5 ml
Poultry: One liter in 1000 liter of drinking water


It is recommended for using of the product under veterinarian supervision in terms of dosage and treatment duration. Do not use in large animals directly. The recommended dosage of solution must be diluted with the same amount of water at least.

Storage conditions

Keep in dry place under 30°C. Tighten the cap after each use.