Sulphaquinoxaline + Diaveridine

  • - animals:
  • - Packaging:
  • 250 ml polyethylene bottle

Product properties


Each ml contains:

Sulphaquinoxaline 25.6 mg
Diaveridine 6.4 mg

Mechanism of Action:

Sulphaquinoxaline belongs to sulfonamides group. It interferes  in bacterial folic acid production resulting in metabolism and protein synthesis disturbance.

Diaveridine is a member of DHFR (Dihydrofolate reductase) inhibitor drugs.

Combination of sulphaquinoxaline and diaveridine increases antimicrobial and antiprotozoal effects of sulphaquinoxaline.

Sulphaquinoxaline is absorbed through digestive system easily and the serum level is elevated gradually. The serum level will remains higher than MIC for long time. This drug is excreted through urine and faeces.

Indications of use

Sulphaquinoxaline and diaveridine are effective against all Eimeria species individually and their combination has synergistic effect for coccidiosis treatment.

The product is recommended for the following cases:

– To treat haemorrhagic enteritis resulted from different Eimeria

– To treat cecal coccidiosis caused by Eimeria tenella

– To treat coccidiosis in small intestine caused by E.acervulina, E.maxima and E.necatrix

– To control mortality  from fowl cholera (pasteurellosis) caused by P.multocida and to reduce prevalence of typhoid caused by Salmonella gallinarum in turkeys

– To prevent embryo mortality and decreasing hatchability of the breeders in high risk areas

– To control and treat coccidiosis in cattle, sheep, goats, dogs and cats.

Dosage and route of administration

30 ml of product in 10 liters of drinking water or 250 ml in 83 liters of drinking water for 3 days.

Stop treatment for 2 days and again continue for 3 days. (3 days treatment – 2 days off – 3 days treatment)

In some cases of intestinal coccidiosis, there maybe nead for 3 days more treatment.

To prevent incidence of coccidiosis in cattle, sheep, goats, dogs and cats use 5 ml of the product per each 10 kg body weight in drinking water for 3 days.

Storage conditions

keep in dry and cool place (between10 -25 ° C), away from direct light and in closed containers.


keep out of reach of children.