Fenbendazole 2.5%

Fenbendazole 2.5%

فنبندازول 2.5% | Fenbendazole 2.5%
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  • 1 liter gallon

Product properties


Each ml contains:
Fenbendazole 25 mg

Indications of use

Fenbendazole is effective against larval, latent and adult stages of gastrointestinal nematodes in sheep and goats as well as against pulmonary adult worms and adult cestodes in gastroin-testinal of ruminants,cestodes and adult nematodes of solipeds and carnivores. As other benzimidazoles it is ovicidal. Its spectrum of activity includes:


Haemonchus,Ostertagia,Trichostrogylus, Nematodirus, Bunostomum, Cooperia, Neoascaris, Oesophagostomum, Chabertia, Trichuris and adult cestodes.

Solipeds: Strogyles, Ascaris, Oxyuris, Strong-yloides.

Cats and dogs: Ascaris, Ankylostoma, Trichuris and cestodes.

Dosage and route of administration

By use of drenching gun it is applied into the animals mouth. Shake well the bottle before use. Dosage rates are:

Sheep & goats: 5-10 mg fenbendazole/ Kg b.w.((1-2 ml/5 Kg b.w.). in cestode infestation 10 mg/Kg b.w.

Cattle: 7.5 mg fenbendazole/Kg b.w. In pulmonary infestation (due to Dictyocaulus arnfieldi) 10 mg/Kg b.w. for 5 consecutive days.

Solipeds: 7.5 mg /Kg b.w. (3 ml/10 Kg b.w.) for gastrointestinal infestations. In pulmonary infestations  10 mg/Kg (4 ml/10 Kg b.w.) for 5 consecutive days.

Dogs & cats: 50 mg/Kg b.w. ( 2ml/Kg b.w.).

Storage conditions

Under 30º C, away from light. Keep out of children access.

Withdrawal Time

Meat: 7 days

Milk:   3 days


Avoid freezing of suspension. In case of re-infestation repeat the treatment.

Safety: This product is very safe and can be used even in different stages of pregnancy and in animals suffering from nutritional deficiencies.