Aspirina C Rooyan®

Aspirin + Vit. C

  • - animals:
  • - Packaging:
  • 1 kg bag

Product properties


Each kg of powder contains:

Vitamin C 20 g
Acetyl salicylic acid (Aspirin) 250 g

Mechanism of Action:

Aspirina C Rooyan® is a compound that improves general situation of poultry flocks during viral/ bacterial infections, by inhibiting action of inflamatory mediators on central nervous system, and by decreasing body temperature through inflammation reduction. This process prevents loss of appetite and water/food consumption, resulting in proper feeding/drinking during antibiotic treatments and allows medications to reach their targets in body.

Vitamin C which is active in body biological reactions, increases resistance in poultry/livestock against infections, stress and toxications. So it helps greatly to achieve better results from antibiotic treatments and passing through stress conditions.

Indications of use

Aspirina C Rooyan® can be very useful in following cases:

Control of  fever and loss of appetite in poultry flocks during viral/ bacterial infections such as CRD, Newcastle, Colibacillosis, Avian Influenza and etc. In stress conditions such as transport, heat stress, vaccination etc.

Dosage and route of administration

Aspirina C Rooyan® can be used in drinking water. Dosage rate is 1 kg in 1000 liters of drinking water.

Storage conditions

Keep below 25° C and dry place and keep in tightly closed containers.

Withdrawal Time

2 days before slaughter.

Drug interactions:

Aspirin can interfere with binding of some drugs to proteins in the body and increases their pharmacologic effects. Some of these drugs are penicillins, sulfonamides and anti-coagulants like heparin. Simultaneous use of aspirin with corticosteroids or other non-steroidal antiinflammatories is not recom-mended.


Keep out of reach of children.

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.