Amprolium 25% + Ethopabate 1.6%

اتوآمپروکس | Ethoamprox
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  • 1 & 5 kg multilayer sachets

Product properties


Each kilogram contains:

250 grams Amprolium (Hydrochloride) and 16 grams Ethopabate

Mechanism of Action:

Amprolium has a molecular structure very similar to that of Thiamine (vitamin B1) and by a competetive replacement procedure with this vitamin, disrupts the parasite’s metabolism and its first asexual reproduction phase. Amprolium is effective against schizonts as well as merozoites and to some extent against sexual reproduction phases (gametogony and sporogony).

Ethopabate replaces para aminobenzoic acid and by synthesis of   tetrahydrofolic acid, affects next phase of parasite’s asexual reproduction, thus exerting coccidiostat properties even against E. maxima and E. mivati which are resistant to Amprolium.

Indications of use

Ethoamprox® is effective against various species of Eimeria. It is used for prevention and control of coccidiosis in chickens (broilers, layers) and turkeys during their whole life.

Dosage and route of administration

Broilers and turkeys:500 grams per ton of feed.

Breeders and replacement pullets:

Up to 6 weeks of age: 400 grams per ton of feed.

From 6-12 weeks of age: 325 grams per ton of feed.

From 12-18 weeks of age: 250 grams per ton of feed.

Note: In breeder pullets that are under limitation of feeding, quantity of Ethoamprox® can be increased to 500 grams per ton of feed.

Storage conditions

Keep under 25° C and dry place, away from direct light and out of reach of children.

Withdrawal Time

3 days before slaughter.

Drug interactions:

Ethoamprox® should not be added to feed containing high amounts of choline. Presence of high quantities of Thiamine in feed can also reduce Ethoamprox® efficacy.


Using excessive amounts of Ethoamprox® can induce vitamin B1 deficiency.